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mebeforeyou Sun 30-Sep-18 22:02:48

We are going on holiday to Majorca and would like to get a travel car seat for taxis just in case we can’t get one locally and for when we get back to the UK from the airport to home.

Has anyone tried the Mifold and what do you think of it? Or any other travel brand one? We do not want to take our own car seat as it’s too heavy and bulky.

DS is 4 soon and weighs 18kg.


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AppleScoop Sun 30-Sep-18 23:04:51

We have one. It's great! Easy to use and light to carry round. As they're backless I'm unsure how legal they are any more. Nevertheless we keep one in the glove box as it's definitely better than nothing. It's used as an emergency spare.

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