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3 door car

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MamaOfTwoBoys Thu 13-Sep-18 20:55:46

Hi All.

I've spent what feels like days researching this and still not sure so hoping you can help!

We have a 3 door car, which is leased and we won't be able to swap for a while. Our 10 month old is just under 9kg so is currently in his infant carrier... I've got the knack of getting it in and out of the back but I know he's close to needing a fixed seat.

We bought a Kiddicare one on a whim recently but after reading the reviews and the fact that I can't physically reach the front of it when it's rear facing, I've decided to write it off as a mistake and buy again! It does say it can be forward facing from 9kg but it just doesn't sit right with me after seeing the safety stats.

Am I right in thinking a swivel seat is the answer? Do the swivel all the way round, to the front of the car iyswim? A friend has one but I only ever saw it swivelled to the side... which would be useless to us!

I basically need something that faces the front, and swivels when he's in.... is this what they do?

Sorry if this sounds like a stupid question...


teaandbiscuitsforme Thu 13-Sep-18 21:00:18

I'd join the Facebook group 'car seat advice uk' and search for your car type to see what other people have successfully installed. I have seen people advise that the easiest way is to put them in through the boot!

You're right that the Kiddy seat is not the safest option for your DS - can you not take it back? Rear facing will always be far safer than forward facing but with a 10 month old, 9kg baby, you really need to keep rear facing. Even if it's legal to forward face, it's not safe.

Rear facing in a 3 door is definitely possible though!

teaandbiscuitsforme Thu 13-Sep-18 21:05:16

Just realised you said Kiddicare not Kiddy! Sorry! I'd definitely swap that one. It's an own brand Nania seat and if you join the Facebook group I suggested, they have a lot of information there about why those seats aren't a good choice. Try to stick to the bigger brands like Joie, Britax etc because their seats are tested to a far higher standard.

dementedpixie Thu 13-Sep-18 21:10:18

Does his infant seat not do him until 13kg?

PotteringAlong Thu 13-Sep-18 21:12:49

Why is your 10 month old close to needing a fixed seat? None of mine were out of their infant carrier before 17 months

glasshalfsomething Thu 13-Sep-18 21:14:09

Definitely join the FB Page if you can. The advice is invaluable.

MamaOfTwoBoys Thu 13-Sep-18 21:24:53

Thank you so much, I'm off to join the group!!

I inboxed the Kiddicare one to try it and the box got thrown so return big isn't an option... I'll learn from that haha.

Ooh I didn't know he could stay in the infant carrier that long? It is getting much harder to put it in the back of a 3 door car one handed now he's getting heavier but it does mean I have a bit more time I guess.


teaandbiscuitsforme Thu 13-Sep-18 22:19:16

He could stay in his seat but I think people with 3 door cars find that the car seat gets too heavy to lift in and out, but they can't leave the seat in the car because it's too awkward to get the child in and out. A group 1 seat has lower sides so could be easier to use in the car than leaving an infant carrier installed in the car.

bonzo77 Thu 13-Sep-18 22:32:47

If you can turn off the passenger side airbag (the garage can do that if you cannot), you can put the seat in the front. It does mean that adult passengers have to sit in the back.

MamaOfTwoBoys Fri 14-Sep-18 10:08:30

Thanks everyone. I think we're going to order the Joie 360 spin in a few weeks and keep using the carrier until then smile

knowledgeofnone Fri 14-Sep-18 10:41:22

Have you tried speaking to the place you have your car from? I have 2 friends who were similar with 3 door cars and when they spoke to the garage they both managed to get a swap so might be worth asking if that's what you are planning on doing in a wee while anyway and it might save you some money on car seats!

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