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Which to choose?!

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LeeLou456 Wed 05-Sep-18 05:51:23

So DS is 7 months and we are starting to look at the next stage of car seat..and what an absolute minefield it is! 🙈

We can't decide whether to buy one that's suitable until approx age 4 or age 12. I'm leaning towards age 12 but Im not sure a car seat could last that long knowing how messy kids can be?! What have you guys gone with any why and also any recommendations would be helpful.

Thank you

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heiheithechicken Wed 05-Sep-18 05:55:08

I got the graceo milestone for my 3 and 5 year olds.

I really like it and they both think it's comfortable. Easy to install and can be used with harness or seatbelt.

The downside is that it's quite chunky and it won't last my 5 year old much longer I don't think!!

heiheithechicken Wed 05-Sep-18 05:56:21

Oh and to add the covers are easy to whip off and throw in the wash! And they come with detachable cup holders which I find useful.

teaandbiscuitsforme Thu 06-Sep-18 06:41:32

How heavy is your DS and what centile is he following for weight and height? He's safest in his infant carrier until that's nearly outgrow - my 98th centile DS was in his until 12mo and even then it wasn't outgrow.

Then rear facing is by far the safest option until they are at least 4. If he's 50th centile or under, you could consider 18kg seats. If he's over the 50th centile, you really need to consider a 25kg seat otherwise it will not last him until he's 4.

Best seats I can recommend are the axkid Minikid and Britax Two Way Elite.

If you join the Facebook group 'car seat advice U.K.' you can see what other people have fitted in your car. It's run by car seat experts and the best source of car seat information IMO.

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