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Isofix base

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SeaShell33 Sat 01-Sep-18 17:29:03

Hi, I've got a Silver Cross Simplicity Simplifix Isofix Base. My 10 month old is nearly ready to move onto her next car seat. Other than the Silver Cross Simplicity Baby Car Seat are there any other car seats that would fit the base as in the next stage car seats?

Thank you

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dementedpixie Sat 01-Sep-18 17:35:19

Is your baby under 13kg? If so, they can stay in the seat unless their head is over the headrest.

dementedpixie Sat 01-Sep-18 17:37:35

And, no I don't think other seats will be compatible with it

BertieBotts Sat 01-Sep-18 17:41:22

No this base isn't compatible with other seats. But don't worry about this as most second stage car seats don't need a base.

If you're going to move her out of her current seat it's worth knowing that rear facing makes a huge difference to safety at this age. Until about a year it's really important as a crash in a forward facing seat can actually kill due to the forces on the immature neck. This is why the regulations on seats are changing to recommend RF until at last 15 months minimum. Past this point it's still safer to rear face, but around a year is the danger point. So it would be a good idea to look at seats which can keep her rear facing if you really want to move up now. If you're really set on a forward facing seat, then it would be best to keep her in the baby seat until the absolute limit of the seat which will be 13kg in weight or when her head reaches the end - it doesn't matter about her legs smile

teaandbiscuitsforme Sat 01-Sep-18 17:48:30

If your DD is getting close to the top of the car seat then she must be tall and possibly on a higher centile for weight? If so you'd be much better getting a 25kg rear facing seat now rather than buying an 18kg seat and having to buy another one by 2.5-3yrs because she's outgrown it but too small for a high back booster.

Good ones to consider are the Axkid Minikid/Axkid Move and the Britax Two Way Elite.

Join the Facebook group 'car seat advice uk' for the best online advice for car seats.

But short answer, no your base can't be used with another seat.

SeaShell33 Sun 02-Sep-18 11:20:50

Thank you so much everyone! She is on the 75% for height but still has some room before she is too high for her car seat. I'll try and keep her in the RF seat until she's at least one. We've been given a FF car seat for her next stage but I might now look into RF ones. I didn't realise there were RF ones for the next stage.

Thank you again grin

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teaandbiscuitsforme Sun 02-Sep-18 11:36:10

Post if you want any more advice on rear facing. It's so much safer than forward facing; even the safest forward facing seat can't offer anywhere near the protection to their necks that a rear facing seat can.

Definitely join the Facebook group and see what other people have fitted in your car. If she's 75th centile I'd definitely recommend a 25kg seat. My two are very happy in their Axkid Minikids but we also have a Britax Two Way Elite as a spare.

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