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Concord Reverso plus - straps are too long

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Duckst3r Sat 25-Aug-18 23:09:46


We have just acquired a Concord Reverso Plus3 child seat for our 1 1/2 year old. As far as I can figure out you can't adjust the shoulder straps, just the between-the-legs-strap on this seat. The problem is that when this is tightened too the max, there's still a bunch of slack in the shoulder straps,and therefore not safe.

Does anybody know if there is another way to tighten this? Our boy is quite small for his age, but this should be possible to do non the less, right?

123Julie Wed 03-Oct-18 13:51:59

We have the previous model (Concord Reverso, not Reverso Plus) and it's the same in that the shoulder straps can't be adjusted. If I remember correctly (currently not in same place as car seat), there are a few different options at the back of the seat for threading the shoulder straps through though depending on your child's height?

Adjusting the harness clearly is a weak point with the Reverso, the shoulder straps in ours are quite tight for our small 2yo... - fingers crossed you can get it sorted!

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