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Joie I-level - headrest too tight?

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Noodlemuncha Sun 12-Aug-18 00:20:48


Am trying to decide between Joie I-level and Kiddy Evo-Luna car seats as both are lie flat options (we have a long car journey to see the inlaws so this is critical for us).

I am concerned that the Joie I-level headrest (which looks super snug and perfect for a small baby) is going to be too tight after a few months - I wondered if anyone has any experience of this as we can't afford a new car seat 6 months down the line.

This is the only thing holding me back from deciding - the Kiddy seat is a few cm longer in lie flat position so prefer the shorter Joie seat but not if we can't use it after 6 months or so!

Any feedback from current users very gratefully received.

Thank you!

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