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Cars that take 4 baby seats

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Lj46 Mon 06-Aug-18 11:12:34

I am expecting quads and obviously will require a car 4x4 that will take 4 car seats any recommendations on cars and seats as well (first time parents)

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FrancesFryer Mon 06-Aug-18 11:15:50

Vw sharan. Has 7 proper individual seats. Of course it has other incarnations made by other manufacturers.
As for car seats i can't help there. Mine were babies a long time ago

sherrifffatman Mon 06-Aug-18 11:17:36

Yes, as above the Sharan, Seat Alhambra etc have all back seats with isofix

SweepTheHalls Mon 06-Aug-18 11:19:20

Maxi cosi are a good bet on car seats as they fit on lots of prams.... although with quads you've hit an extremely limited choice of prams!! Congratulations x

28holid Mon 06-Aug-18 11:26:19

Does it have to be a 4x4?

Aprilshowersinaugust Mon 06-Aug-18 11:27:36

Imo a car is the least of your worries!!
Congratulations though!

28holid Mon 06-Aug-18 11:28:23

Of course it has other incarnations made by other manufacturers.

The SEAT Alhambra. Made by the same people in the same factory.

teaandbiscuitsforme Mon 06-Aug-18 13:06:04

Love my Alhambra! It's got 5 isofix points so made to take loads of car seats and it's got sliding doors which are a godsend with 2 so I can only imagine they'd be a lifesaver with 4 to get out.

For infant car seats I'd look at the big brands like Maxi Cosi, Britax, Joie. We had a Be Safe I I go and a joie i-Gemm and I prefer the joie. Isofix bases would be a nice to have with 4 car seats to secure if you can stretch to it. I presume quads are likely to be small? In which case there's one type of maxi Cosi that isn't good for small babies.

Don't worry about the next stage seat yet. A good infant seat should last you until about 18months. Then something like the Joie Stages would be a good option for rear facing.

Massive good luck!!!

NameChange30 Mon 06-Aug-18 13:13:31

Wow, congratulations!
If you’re on FB there is an excellent group called Car Seat Advice UK. In the files they have a saved post about the best family cars to fit lots of car seats in.
Good luck!

ohlittlepea Mon 06-Aug-18 13:14:48

Honda FRV is worth a look smile

Penisbeakerismyfavethread Thu 23-Aug-18 14:18:14

FRV if you want a smaller car, or a Volvo XC90
If you don’t mind a people carrier the seat Alhambra/ vw sharan is good

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