Recaro elite zero 1 compatibility?

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Belle20 Thu 02-Aug-18 08:38:50

Hi everyone,

We've bought an oyster 2 but I've been looking at different car seats and one of my friends has been raving about the recaro elite zero 1.

Does anyone know if the infant carrier is compatible (with adaptors or not) with the oyster 2 chasis?

At this point I'm NOT looking for people to tell me whether they think it's a good car seat etc or give me a lecture on not leaving my child in the seat for prolonged periods of time. I simply want to know about the compatibility at this point as part of thorough research. (Hopefully you won't all think I'm crabbit by saying this).

Hopefully someone out there will know the answer! smile

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MiriAmmerman Thu 02-Aug-18 08:44:54

I'm pretty sure Recaro seats are only compatible with their own pushchairs - and have a feeling that the infant part of the Zero 1 Elite is not designed to clip on to a pushchair at all really as it is very small/exposed when you release it from the main seat.

We looked at this one - it's a brilliant idea in theory - but decided against it having looked at it in the flesh.

Belle20 Thu 02-Aug-18 08:49:32

Yeah you might be right would explain why there isn't much information out there on compatibility. Thanks! X

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BertieBotts Thu 02-Aug-18 09:42:41

It does go onto a pushchair - it specifically says so on their website.

Whether it goes onto standard adaptors or just specialised ones - I'll keep looking for you. I have found this a particular source of frustration actually as no manufacturers seem to want to be open about compatibility between brands.

It is smaller than a standard infant carrier type seat so may not be usable for very long.

teaandbiscuitsforme Thu 02-Aug-18 09:46:57

I don't think it's compatible either. Generally if car seats say they'll fit on maxi cosi adapters they're pretty universal but it's more complicated when they only fit on their own adapters.

It looks a good idea but so expensive! shock One thing to think about with birth to 18kg seats is that they might be outgrown quite early if your child is taller or heavier than the 50th venture. For example, my DS would outgrow that at 2.5yrs so it's far better for me to have an infant carrier and then buy a 25kg rear facing seat. An 18kg seat can be an expensive mistake. But unfortunately you won't know what centile you child is following until they're here!

teaandbiscuitsforme Thu 02-Aug-18 09:47:32

*50th centile

BertieBotts Thu 02-Aug-18 10:01:16

This is the adaptor for their own pushchair. It looks completely different to Maxi Cosi adaptors which are the standard one which works for cybex, Joie, etc. They do mention that other manufacturers carry adaptors, but I think this is quite unlikely as it looks as though it's a specialised one.


Jodene Thu 12-Dec-19 08:51:49

Ladies I have taken a risk and it worked out! I was gifted the oyster 2 and have bought a recaro zero 1 elite and voilà! It fits! You just have to buy a recaro adaptor and it fits onto the maxi Cosi adaptors. Pitty I can't upload photos or I would show them and how nicely they fit!

Gabby1085 Sat 28-Dec-19 18:32:09

I have the zero 1 elite and I hate it the husbands choice 🙄 it’s too heavy and not compatible with a lot of strollers. Does anyone know if any other car seat with fit the main seat as my infant carrier is too small and my little boy is only 6 months old? Thankyou in advance x

BertieBotts Mon 30-Dec-19 19:12:12

Hi Gabby, no you can't fit any other infant seat into the Recaro I'm afraid.

However at six months, your son may be able to sit in the main part of the seat if you don't like using the infant carrier part. He needs to remain rear facing for now (until he is at least 15 months old) and ideally for as long as possible. If you sit him in the seat and adjust the headrest down as far as it will go, if there are two fingers' worth of space between his shoulders and the headrest, he can sit in there safely. If there is more space than this then he is still too small. The infant carrier can be used up to 76cm or 10kg, whichever is reached first. Have you taken the newborn insert out? Also make sure you are not using the seat with bulky clothing such as coats, as this can make it difficult to get a good harness fit and also make the seat seem smaller.

HTH smile

bb2605 Mon 13-Jan-20 09:38:57

@Belle20 the adaptor is compatible with the following:

The Zero.1 Elite cradle allows the infant capsule to be attached to a number of top strollers. The list of pushchairs it is compatible with is growing all the time with currently the following pushchairs being approved.

RECARO Citylife
RECARO Easylife
Uppababy Vista
Uppababy Cruz
Bugaboo Cameleon
Bugaboo Buffalo
iCandy Peach
iCandy Apple (Apple 2 Pear too)
Cybex Priam
GB Qbit
Joolz Day
Joolz Geo
Silver Cross Wayfarer
Stokke Xplory
Mothercare Orb

You can buy the cradle here

Belle20 Mon 13-Jan-20 09:52:55

Yeah this was from a year ago in August. Thanks for your input though xxx

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Belle20 Mon 13-Jan-20 09:59:05

Sorry..... That sounded a bit arsey! Not my intention! I'm sure it would help anyone who was looking for info! ❤️❤️ I ended up going with another option xxx

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bb2605 Mon 13-Jan-20 11:00:44

Haha sorry didn't see that! Last post was from 30-Dec-19 didn't think to check the original post date doh!! What did you end up going for in the end and how did you find it?

Belle20 Mon 13-Jan-20 12:41:19

In the end I ended up suffering a prolapse following the birth so I wasn't able to lift the infant carrier so I bought a Joie 360 instead. I've been pretty happy with it. Other people don't always agree but it's been amazing for me. He's now 13 months and still going strong. He's not massively tall (neither are we) so looks like will get our moneys worth out of it x

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A15RP Mon 18-Jan-21 18:38:01


Thank you for doing a lot of my research as I was getting v confused!

We have a recaro zero elite which has been gifted to us and keen to use it on a bugaboo fox.

Do you think if I get the usual maxi cost adapters for the bugaboo fox and I already have the recaro adapter, in theory it should all fit together?


BertieBotts Tue 19-Jan-21 00:25:34

Yes it should.

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