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Group 123 recommendations please.

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Catheroooo Mon 16-Jul-18 14:36:40

Currently have the Britax Romer Isize but looking at next seat. I'm not convinced my LO is especially comfortable in her current seat, she only takes 30 minute naps in it even at naptime, but that could be just because she's not that settled with sleeping yet! But she does have the odd screaming fit in her seat which makes for some stressful driving. I'd like to next year take her on holiday to Wales which is a four hour drive and there's no chance as it stands!

Woukd love recommendations especially from parents who babies didn't settle in their baby seat but have since found peace with the next one.

Ideally I want one that covers group 123, and swivels 90 degrees so we can get her in and out fairly easily.


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Oliphantintheroom Tue 24-Jul-18 11:20:39

No recommendations but we are looking too
Im looking at the Britax Romer Evolva 123
So far the reviews look good and it’s about £80 in mothercare and John Lewis

BertieBotts Wed 25-Jul-18 19:07:22

No such thing as a swivel and 123 in the same seat, unfortunately.

How old and heavy is your little one? I think in your position I'd go for a swivel seat, simply because it sounds like she hasn't fully outgrown the baby seat and so it might be best to get one which is more supportive for younger babies and/or supports rear facing still. It's quite dangerous to face them forwards until they are over a year old, and it's still safer to keep them rear facing beyond that for as long as is practical for you.

If you want her to nap in the car as well it would be worth getting something with a decent recline and I think a lot of 123 seats are quite upright.

The other reason is I think it's possible to get a decent high backed booster when the time comes for about £30, whereas the difference in cost between a Group 1 only seat and a Group 123 is usually quite a bit more than £30, so it ends up being a false economy.

teaandbiscuitsforme Thu 26-Jul-18 08:22:24

How old is your DD and how much does she weigh? Also what centile is she following for height and weight?

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