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5 point harness over 18kg.

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OnNaturesCourse Fri 13-Jul-18 18:22:22

Anyone know of any seats that have a 5 point harness for over 18kg kids?

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Anoisagusaris Fri 13-Jul-18 18:24:25

We have a Joie one. It’s isofix but you need a top tether in your car for it also. Converts them into a HBB.

Bryna Fri 13-Jul-18 18:32:05

Hi, I don’t know if you’re aware but unless there’s a special need for a harness over 18kg, you are better off using a High back booster. Having said that ibelive the in car safety centre offer some car seats that offer harnessing until a higher weight

welshweasel Fri 13-Jul-18 18:34:35

Bryna, that depends on the age of the child. Generally you wouldn’t want to use a hbb until 4 at the very earliest so for heavy children 25kg harnessed seats are very necessary.

Bryna Fri 13-Jul-18 18:37:29

Yes, your right welshweasel, I was going to write that also, but thought it might end up being a very long message😀

Bryna Fri 13-Jul-18 18:38:07


SomethingNastyInTheBallPool Fri 13-Jul-18 18:41:29

The Britax 2-Way Elite goes up to 25kg when used rear-facing.

SomethingNastyInTheBallPool Fri 13-Jul-18 18:42:19

Oh, and we got ours from the In-Car Safety Centre.

OnNaturesCourse Fri 13-Jul-18 19:25:41

Thank you. Yes we have a big DD so need a bigger seat x

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misskatamari Fri 13-Jul-18 19:36:30

My two and a half year old recently hit 18kg. Too young for a hbb so we've gone for the Joie Bold. It's forward facing, which wasn't ideal, but we couldn't afford to buy a really really expensive new car seat (after spending £350 on the last one which was supposed to last until 4!). We're happy with it, he loves it, and it converts to a hbb when he's older. I believe it is 5 point harness up to 25kg

Bryna Fri 13-Jul-18 19:46:28

@Onnaturescourse I didn’t want to presume anything! It’s easy to offend people without meaning to! Try the Facebook group [ rear facing- the way forward ] I believe they have a list of harnessed to 25kg seats, some rear facing, some forward facing x

Bryna Fri 13-Jul-18 19:47:47


teaandbiscuitsforme Fri 13-Jul-18 20:30:43

There are quite a few 25kg seats now - Axkid Minikid, Axkid Move, Britax Two Way Elite, Britax Max Way to name a few. All use a seatbelt fitting and tether around the seat in front. If you look at the forward facing ones, they also need top tether points that not all cars have (rear facing is also still far more safe).

The Facebook group 'car seat advice uk' is best for seeing which seats other people have fitted in your car, although the 25kg seats are much more universal than some of the 18kg seats.

OnNaturesCourse Sat 14-Jul-18 00:44:11

Thanks all.

DD would not tolerate being rear facing again so we are looking for a forward facing one within a small budget (having already spent 300£ on a car seat that promised to last until she was 4 😑)

Shes not quite out of her current one but it won't be far off.

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newroundhere Sat 14-Jul-18 08:58:30

I was just coming on to ask exactly the same thing - DS is 23 months and weighs 19kg... And we did the same thing as you @OnNaturesCourse - bought an expensive seat that was supposed to last until he was 4 that he's now too big for hmm

@misskatamari how do you find the Joie Bold? I read some reviews that say it's difficult to fit?

misskatamari Sat 14-Jul-18 09:21:28

We got it fitted at mothercare, but it seemed okay to fit, just a few stages. You isofix it, car seat belt it and top tether (had to cut a hole in the back of the seat in the boot to find ours). I think as long as you make sure to really follow all instructions it's fine. The only slight annoying thing is it is a bit tricky tightening the straps sometimes but you just have to pull it downwards which gets it snug x

newroundhere Sat 14-Jul-18 12:01:25

Thanks misskatamari smile

OnNaturesCourse Sat 14-Jul-18 14:25:13

Joie Bold is still so pricey but I think I grudge it so much because of the price of our current seat!

Manufacturers need to consider our bigger babies!

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AliceMum09 Sat 21-Jul-18 08:32:26

There are plenty of seats with harnesses that go right up to 25kg, it’s not the manufacturers who are to blame, it’s the retailers. They need stop selling the 18kg limit seats to parents who have babies on the upper centiles of the growth charts because they will never last a ‘heavy’ baby until they are 4. Everyone who wasted money on an 18kg seat could have just put that money towards a 25kg seat in the first place if they had been properly informed.

Spudlet Sat 21-Jul-18 08:37:49

it’s not the manufacturers who are to blame, it’s the retailers. They need stop selling the 18kg limit seats to parents who have babies on the upper centiles of the growth charts because they will never last a ‘heavy’ baby until they are 4.

YES. I am so cross that John Lewis flogged us an every stage on the basis that we would be able to use it until he no longer needed a car seat. He's now rapidly approaching 18kg - he's never going to last in the 5-point harness until he's 4. And they never mentioned it once! angry

ILikTheBred Sat 21-Jul-18 08:38:27

Joie Bold was the only forward facing one we could find OP. It’s a so-so car seat - not the most comfortable and awkward to fasten the straps but it keeps my 3 year old contained ! Just make sure your car has a top tether - although the fitting guide said it would fit in my child minder’s car, it didn’t as she didn’t have a top tether.

KitchenFloor Sat 21-Jul-18 08:40:08

My understanding is that if forward facing a harness isn't as safe as a hbb over 18kg.
It's worth asking advice from a qualified car seat specialist such as in car safety centre.

ArfArfBarf Sat 21-Jul-18 08:41:28

Make sure you check how high the straps can go too. We found height to be more of an issue than weight. Look where the highest strap hole is relative to your child’s shoulders.

littledinaco Sat 21-Jul-18 08:53:52

My understanding is that if forward facing a harness isn't as safe as a hbb over 18kg.

The child has to be mature enough to sit correctly in the HBB at all times though. So no messing about, slouching, leaning forward, pulling with the seatbelt, etc. If you’ve got a heavy 3 year old who isn’t reliable to sit correctly then harnessed would be safer.
I think there are other reasons too (something to do with development of hips/spine maybe but I’m not certain) but agree definitely worth asking an expect.

KitchenFloor Sat 21-Jul-18 09:03:54

My recollections are a bit patchy but I think it was to do with the harness effectively holding them too well so in a crash the only thing that could move would be the head, which would place extra forces on it and potentially cause more severe injury than a seatbelt type restraint. Rear facing this is less of an issue as the seat takes the forward impact. My seat (britax two way elite) is RF to 25kg but only FF to 18kg if you buy new, but my older model is also 25kg FF with harness.

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