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Car seat help with 6 month old

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Mummytobabygirl Tue 08-May-18 09:21:43

We have the silver cross car seat. LO is only 6 months and 18lb long baby but still plenty of room in the seat, when she falls asleep when we’re driving her head sometimes does lean forward she has great neck control and we are always checking the harness is correctly tighten. Does anyone else’s lo do this? Worried she will injure her neck! sad

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teaandbiscuitsforme Tue 08-May-18 11:38:13

Head flop in a healthy 6mo+ isn't supposed to be a problem, although obviously it doesn't look very comfortable!

Are you using the seat on an isofix base?

Mummytobabygirl Tue 08-May-18 11:39:37

Yes it is on the isopod base.

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teaandbiscuitsforme Tue 08-May-18 11:56:09

Try fitting it just with the seat belt. Isofix is too rigid and sometimes depending on the shape of the seats in your car, it makes the seat more upright. Seat belt fitting is a bit more flexible and often gets a much better fit.

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