Extended rear facing seats

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Praisebe Thu 03-May-18 22:17:01

Does anyone know of any extended rear facing seats that have isofix ? Im wanting to rear face till at least 7yrs old which ive found some seats that can do that but there belted and my new car has isofix points across the back seats.
Does it matter if the seat is belted in or is isofix safer

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piglet81 Fri 04-May-18 10:04:56

Isofix can only handle smaller weights so you won't find an isofix seat that will take a child heavier than 18kg, I believe. It's no safer than belt fastening though, so not a problem. smile

teaandbiscuitsforme Fri 04-May-18 11:22:30

You'll need a 25kg seat - none of those are isofix because, as the pp said, isofix has a weight limit of 18kg.

Isofix isn't safer than belt fitting; it's just that there's less room for human error in the installation and therefore less likely to be fitted incorrectly. Also, belt fitted seats are more likely to fit more cars because isofix can affect the ways seat installs so belt fitting is more universal.

We have two Axkid Minikids - can't fault them, they are really excellent seats. They're much more securely installed than any of my isofix seats have ever been so I'm a complete convert. I also have a Britax Two Way Elite as a spare which is very good but to me, the Minikids are a different class.

Praisebe Fri 04-May-18 21:32:28

I'll be having the seat professionally fitted so no errors will be made. I'll look at the Axkid

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Praisebe Fri 04-May-18 21:37:26

How does the axkid work with a newborn ? It says 0-25kg but doesn't look flat enough to safely support a newborn till they can hold their own head up

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QueenOfCatan Fri 04-May-18 21:52:56

The axkid looks to be 9kg-25kg OP. On my list for when we need to upgrade though now! (we have a britax romer at the moment).

Unless the expert fitting is with a specialist car seat company I wouldn't trust the fitting to be flawless, high street shops cock it up often. Have you got any of the erf specialists near you? If may even be worth calling them, I called one of them as I couldn't visit whilst u was pregnant and they were brilliant.

Praisebe Fri 04-May-18 22:12:43

It says on the axkid description its a 0-25kg seat ? Im also looking at the Diono Radian which seems more suitable for a newborn

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QueenOfCatan Fri 04-May-18 22:34:56

Sorry you're right, I was looking at an older version apparently!

teaandbiscuitsforme Sat 05-May-18 01:54:45

I think the Axkid says 0-25kg but the advice is that it's really 6 months plus.

Personally I'd get an infant carrier for the first 9-12 months and then get the Minikid. You don't have to get an expensive carrier but they are generally better for smaller babies than a seat that tries to go all the way through.

Praisebe Sat 05-May-18 23:10:35

What baby carriers are good ? It has to be something that stays in the car without a handle on it

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pastabest Sat 05-May-18 23:25:38

Baby carriers (0/0+ seats with a handle) are the safest way to transport newborns. The handle acts like a roll bar in a crash.

We are just moving 15mo DC out of hers now into the next stage car seat, she's not quite outgrown the baby carrier yet but we are going to need it for her sibling due in 6 weeks.

The next stage car seat we are getting will probably be a belted one rather than isofix as tall DP can't push his seat back far enough with the isofix in. Providing the belted seats are fitted correctly they are just as safe as isofix. The big advantage/selling point of isofix is with being able to connect and disconnect baby carriers easily from the car in the first few months. Once they get too heavy to lift in their seat you don't bother and the isofix becomes a bit irrelevant.

I suspect not many people who buy car seats that span 0 - 8 years end up using the same car seat for all that time anyway. I've only had this car seat for 15 months and it's filthy!

teaandbiscuitsforme Sun 06-May-18 07:59:50

The Joie Juva is a well rated seat but only £40. All infant carriers have a handle though, like the PP said it's the roll bar in a crash so a safety feature rather than there for the parents convenience.

Otherwise any Maxi Cosi, Be Safe, Joie, Britax, Cybex etc seats are good. You can see the safety ratings if you google ADAC.

Otherwise, if you're planning on having more than one child, you could get something like the Joie stages which is birth to 18kg, then get the Minikid when you have number 2. But an infant carrier is still better for a small baby than a 0-18kg seat as those seats have to make compromises to last all he way to 18kg.

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