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Landrover Defender & ERF seats?

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teaandbiscuitsforme Fri 13-Apr-18 09:10:02

I think the official word from Joie is that their car list isn't exhaustive so if your car fits, it's fine. Fitted by an expert would obviously be best!

Otherwise look at the Britax Two Way Elite and Axkid Minikid as those are two of the most universal fitted.

Also join the facebook group 'car seat advice uk' if you can. Then search for your car type and see what other people have used.

Frillyhorseyknickers Fri 13-Apr-18 07:51:39

Husband has a long wheel based Defender 64 plate - most of the Joie seats I’ve looked at don’t have them on the vehicle list. The seat will only be in there occasionally but I need something ERF end belt clipped as landrovers don’t have isofix.

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