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Buckle crunch.......

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Anniebabs Sun 01-Apr-18 23:53:30

Desperate! I need a car seat for my two year old grandchild but cannot afford to replace my car ('04 Ford Focus C max), which apparently has 'buckle crunch' with the majority of makes. Even John Lewis couldn't help. Please advise if you have any insights re this problem or know of a brand that fits differently!! Thank you.

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teaandbiscuitsforme Mon 02-Apr-18 09:13:30

It won't have buckle crunch with all seats. Best one to try is the Britax Two Way Elite rear facing.

Try the Facebook group 'car seat advice UK'. They're car seat experts and will be able to advise. Or search the group for your car type.

Or visit an independent retailer. High street ones generally don't have a good reputation.

Anniebabs Fri 06-Apr-18 22:17:07

Many thanks- very useful.

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