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Does anyone have a Joie Trillo?

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nicbic28 Tue 27-Mar-18 16:18:08

Hi - we are moving to Australia in a couple of months and have found that the Joie Trillo is sold in both the UK and Australia so we are hoping it conforms to both standards so we can use in both countries.

Does anyone have a Trillo and can have a quick check of the label to see if it has the AS/NZS 1754 standard listed anywhere on it? We are finding it hard to find out if this is the case online. Many thanks!

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BertieBotts Fri 13-Apr-18 09:57:46

Call Joie's customer service - I bet they could tell you.

Otherwise perhaps someone can pick one up for you and meet you at the airport? Or is it a huge price difference?

nicbic28 Fri 13-Apr-18 11:24:09

Thanks BertieBotts - I finally got an answer by contacting Joie on Facebook (their direct customer service was really slow and unhelpful), they confirmed that unfortunately the UK and Australian models are different so can't be taken with us sad

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