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Mothercare refusing to post review for Joie Bold car seat

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Twixie5867 Tue 20-Mar-18 20:32:20

I have today tried to post a review on Mothercare's website to alert others that the Joie Bold is not compatible with saloon cars, despite them advising so, but they are not agreeing to publish it. My experience with them is long winded and one that i wont go into but in summary I've been given mixed messages from them and the manufacturer who have left me in doubt about the safety of the seat in the model of car I have. I am shocked that they, along with many other companies I'm sure, are manipulating reviews in their favour. So I'm posting here in the hope that someone takes on board the feedback when choosing the Joie Bold in a saloon car.

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headintheproverbial Tue 20-Mar-18 20:37:43

Have you posted this on their Facebook page / Twitter?

OrangeHorse Tue 20-Mar-18 20:45:50

I had similar with a pram. They were advertising it as exclusive to them but after I had paid for it I found it for sale elsewhere for £50 less. They refused to publish my review but did eventually modify the advertising on their website.

dinksandbinks Fri 23-Mar-18 17:08:54

I kind of get their point. Your experience is bad, clearly, but unless you’ve tried the car seat in EVERY SALOON CAR I don’t think it’s fair to say they’re manipulating reviews, as yours is potentially misleading, too.

PavlovaPrincess Fri 23-Mar-18 18:47:28

They were advertising it as exclusive to them but after I had paid for it I found it for sale elsewhere for £50 less

That's not a review of a pram though, that's a review of Mothercare.

OrangeHorses Fri 23-Mar-18 22:19:26

True @PavlovaPrincess but they modified their advertising as a result so I thought it was worthwhile and they clearly were in the wrong if they were willing to do that. I did write another review of the pram without mentioning that issue and they published that, I actually love the pram.

NonaNo Tue 10-Apr-18 18:56:19

@PavlovaPrincess It's also known as false advertising and thus illegal. You are well within your rights to demand a refund are ask for them to refund the £50 difference.

NonaNo Tue 10-Apr-18 18:57:19

Sorry, last message should be to @OrangeHorses not Pavlova.

JeninBelgium Thu 09-May-19 11:25:40

Sorry you went through this- they ought to have let you try the seat in your car prior to purchasing! I confirm that it fits in our A6 saloon even better than in my estate . Did they ever refund your money?

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