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Group 123 rearfacing isofix seat

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mowglik Sat 24-Feb-18 07:21:54

Can anyone recommend an isofix based car seat that can rear face til 4? It’s for an xc90.

I was looking at the joie spin as it also spins 180 which is great but have read reports that it rattles after being installed which doesn’t sound too secure.

Any recommendations please?

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TheSleeperandTheSpindle Sat 24-Feb-18 07:25:09

We’ve got the Joie Every Stage and really recommend it. We haven’t got the isofix version but I know that they do one called the Every Stage FX. It can be rear facing until 4 and forward facing until 12.

eurochick Sat 24-Feb-18 07:32:16

We have the two way Pearl which can rear face to 4.

Elpheba Sat 24-Feb-18 07:43:14

We have the Joie 360 and absolutely love it. The spin is amazing- really helps my back now I'm pregnant but was useful even before that. My DM loved it so much they've just bought it for their car and share it between my 22 month old and her 36 month old cousin as it's so easy to adjust.
Got it for £200 with discount code- would highly recommend and haven't found any rattling.

user1483387154 Sat 24-Feb-18 08:01:09

We have the joie 360 too and also love it. No rattling so far 😉

NapQueen Sat 24-Feb-18 08:03:33

Isofix rear facing lasts til 18kg. There are some belted seats which rear face to 25kg.

If you follow your dcs line in their red or yellow book it will show you their estimated weight at 4yo which will indicate whether isofix or belted will last longer.

SweepTheHalls Sat 24-Feb-18 08:05:56

We have the 2 way pearl, which I really like, but can't see her fitting in until she's 4. In the other car we have the brittax 2 way elite. Not isofix, but much more spacious and she'll definitely fit until 4 in it. Worth considering. The car safely centre in MK are brilliant if you can get there.

teaandbiscuitsforme Sat 24-Feb-18 08:30:22

Just be aware that isofix seats are to 18kg which is not necessarily 4 years old! For my 75th centile DD, that will be some time between 3 and 3.5; for my 98th centile DS that will around 2.5!

If your DC is above average, track their weight in their red book and see when they will reach 18kg. If it is before 4, it would be much better to look for a 25kg seat. The Britax Two Way Elite and the Axkid Minikid are very good options.

teaandbiscuitsforme Sat 24-Feb-18 08:31:33

Also, join the facebooks group 'car seat advice for mummies and daddies' and search for your car type - you'll be able to see what fits well in your car.

mowglik Sat 24-Feb-18 09:30:13

Thanks for all the advice! Ds2 is quite small so he may be ok with rear facing and isofix til 4. I will have a look at his projected weight though good tip thanks .

Elpheba where did you see the joie 360 for £200?

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Elpheba Sat 24-Feb-18 10:23:21

Think I got it from smyths with a 20% off code- just have a google for various promo codes. Kiddicare also often have promo codes too and obviously 20% is a sizeable amount on such a pricey item!

seven201 Sat 24-Feb-18 10:26:57

We have the spin 360 and like it. Also bought it with a discount code

Abneyandteal19 Sat 24-Feb-18 10:57:36

Definitely second the britax two way elite, it's one of the few extended rear facing seats that lasts until 25kg, my tall 2.7 year old is rear facing with loads of room, it also has two install options, one more reclined and one less reclined with extended leg room.
It passed the Swedish safety tests which are toughest in the world and the Scandinavians are rear facing there children until at least 25kg- which for my son at 91st percentile is somewhere between 5 and 6 years. The stats on crashes with kids rear facing are so much better it's a no brainer for me. You can buy the two way elite from in car safety Centre and it's usually £185

Do join the Facebook group 'car seat advice for mummies and daddies' despite the rather twee name (!) they really are very knowledgeable.

mowglik Sat 24-Feb-18 18:54:35

I’ve just realised the joie 360 is only a group 0/1 car seat, does anyone have any recommendations for an isofix, rearfacing til 4/18kg, group 123 car seat? I will ask on the Facebook group too thank you.

I did have a look at the Britax elite but it’s only forward facing to 18kg and rearward to 25kg which is kind of the other way to what we need.

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teaandbiscuitsforme Sat 24-Feb-18 19:39:41

The advice on the Facebook group is always to get the best group 1 car seat for you (18kg/25kg, best fit for your car, etc) rather than worry about it also being a high back booster because you can get a good HBB for about £50 when the time comes.

I think the Every Stage is harnessed rear facing to 18kg and then a seatbelt fitted HBB to 36kg though.

DD2017 Mon 09-Apr-18 18:07:29

I've received a message from Joie today stating all their seats are harnessed rear facing and if isofix compatible can only be done forward facing

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