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Confused - please help

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codswallopandbalderdash Tue 06-Feb-18 18:31:25

Need to get a new car seat for my 4 year old. previously had maxi-cosi but am now thinking Britax Kidfix? Car is Ford Focus Zetec and I want ISOFIX.

What car seats do you have and would you recommend them?

I am confused and bamboozled by the choice / features

MissRainbowBrite Wed 07-Feb-18 20:23:51

We have a Cybex Q2 Fix Plus for DD. She moved into it when she was just over 4 and is now 6. It's a fantastic seat. Can be belted or isofix, extends widthways as the headrest moves upwards and has fantastic head support if you have a child that still nods off in the car occasionally.
It's not the cheapest seat but I figured that DD was going to potentially be in this stage seat for 6/7 years then it was worth it.

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