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Max Weight limit on backless boosters

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1981trouble Thu 21-Dec-17 17:40:49

Ds is 10, he is 133cm so technically needs a booster still.

I actually judge it now car by car and if the seat belt follows a good path across his lap and round his neck, in the back seat he tends to be ok but always needs a booster in the front.

However, he is also just over 36kg which is the max weight limit for the booster seats we have.

Anyone know if being over the weight limit for a booster is an issue?
I get it for harnessed seats as harness is tested to that weight but that wouldn't be the issue for a car seat belt. And google isn't helping me!

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BertieBotts Mon 25-Dec-17 23:26:41

No, it doesn't matter. The weight classes were brought in in something like 1982 when nobody would have dreamt of a 10 year old still being in a booster so just a guideline.

The seatbelt takes the force and that can support an adult - the booster is no more than a pre crash positioner.

If he's deforming the plastic then it's probably an issue but I expect he isn't that heavy.

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