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Growing out of ERF seats, what next?

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Piewife Sat 02-Dec-17 19:28:33

Our daughter is 3 years, 1 month and she's almost at the point of growing out of both ERF seats we have (a Hauck Varioguard and a Casualplay Bicare Fix). She's only just 15kg but the headrests / straps on both seats are at the highest level and they're about in line with her shoulders so when she even gets slightly taller they'll be too low.

This is annoying as we were hoping they'd last until she's 4! She's not even that tall, around 95cm, and as above well within the weight limit.

Anyway, we're not sure what's best to go for next so any recommendations would be great. We'd prefer to keep with isofix for the next stage as it seems sturdier and easier to fit. I also think she ought to still be in a harness even if she has to go forward facing.

Thanks in advance!

moggle Tue 05-Dec-17 11:55:12

You'll only get her to 18kg with an Isofix seat, whether rear or forward facing. Check her lines on the growth chart and see how much longer that gives you assuming height isn't an issue.

If you want to keep her rear facing longer than that you will have to get a seat that belts in too, there are quite a few options that will take you to 25kg with plenty of height (we have the Axkid minikid, belted only, but they have options with isofix or both). Got to say the minikid is rock solid with belted installation but if you are needing to move it it's not quite so easy, and to buy two will be £££. Britax do quite a few ERF seats up to 25kg which should be fine height wise for her.

Forward facing I like the Joie seats, again there are some that isofix and some with seatbelt fitting, most have a tether system too. There are a few that will do you beyond the harness stage and work as a high back booster which may make spending out that money again seem a bit more worth it. Most FF seats only harness to 18kg; I believe there are a few FF seats which harness beyond this but again check the charts as you may be happy with the age she'll likely have to move to a seatbelt.

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