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Car seat advice needed for 10 month old 10.5kg

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BewilderedBeaver Sun 12-Nov-17 19:38:35

Looking for a new car seat. Not sure whether to go for a 0+ or next size up. Considering britax dual fit or maxi cosi cabriofix. Don’t want to waste money if 0+ won’t last much longer but also want to go for safest option. Both fit our vehicle. Any recommendations??

SylvanusWindrunner Sun 12-Nov-17 21:10:21

My 10 month old is about the same weight and has been in her bigger car seat since about 6 months. She technically fits in the infant seat still but is nowhere near as comfortable and I wouldn't have thought she'd get more than another month or two out of it.

So I'd go for the bigger seat if I were you. As long as it still allows you to rear face because 10 months is still too little to go forward facing.

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