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taxi/minicab service with new born car seat

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flipflop4 Sat 30-Sep-17 19:25:29

Would anybody know a taxi/minicar service in North London coming with a new born car seat, for the journey from the hospital to home ?
I have my own car seat so could use it in any taxi/uber, but I would prefer to find a taxi/minicab which comes directly with a its own already fitted new born car seat.



BertieBotts Sun 15-Oct-17 23:56:50

This isn't a thing - you'll have to take your own car seat to hospital with you.

flipflop4 Mon 16-Oct-17 09:54:43

answering my own question after the baby is born smile
at the hospital I saw a sign with numbers for two cab services with car seat:
Ryan Cars: 0207-272-9999
Lady Cabs: 0207-272-3300

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