Car Seat on a plane with ryanair

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Cakeorchocolate Thu 03-Aug-17 22:18:50

Just wondering if anyone has successfully used a car seat on a plane with ryanair? Or tried to?

Did you have any hassle from check in + gate staff? We're you able to use it? Was it TUV approved and did they ask to see the sticker?

Sorry for all of the questions. Travelling in a few months and want to take a car seat to rf when we get there. Only 1 seat available in the UK that is TUV approved and can rf in a vehicle but it's pretty heavy (Diono radian 5). I have seen info where people use a britax 2 way elite (twe), which is half the weight of the radian so I would like to use that but it's not actually airline approved. Anyone's experiences would be helpful. Thanks.

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Cakeorchocolate Thu 03-Aug-17 22:19:28


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TeaPleaseBob Mon 14-Aug-17 22:32:27

I've used a Britax eclipse seat on Ryanair on two separate holidays now. Staff weren't very sure about it but we got it on and daughter was very happy and relaxed in families seat.
My daughter was 2 and 3 when we took it, she was in rear facing car seat at home but I had been given eclipse by a friend and at the time diono wasn't aircraft approved.

You're best phoning Ryanair to say you'll be taking car seat on as they can mark this on their systems apparently. Not sure about Britax two way elite as people we spoke to were keen to see the approval for use in aircraft

Cakeorchocolate Mon 14-Aug-17 22:44:28

Thanks for the response. I have purchased the radian 5 now - as heavy as expected! I will get in touch with ryanair to let them know we'll be using it. thanks for that advice.

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Wetcappuccino Mon 14-Aug-17 22:53:00

We are travelling with Ryanair in September and we have opted for the Britax Eclipse for our 2 year old. Glad to hear of a positive experience. Our DD is rf at home and we looked at Diono 5 but my husband is the one who will fit it and he was concerned it was too complex to fit in taxis etc at destination.

dementedpixie Mon 14-Aug-17 22:55:38

Is it a forward facing seat that can be fitted with a lap belt as that's what you need for using on board

Cakeorchocolate Tue 15-Aug-17 04:06:42

Both the britax eclipse and diono radian 5 are TUV approved for use on board the plane. So both can be fitted with lap belts and forward face.
However the eclipse is a forward facing only seat so have to forward face in cars too. The diono can be used forward or rear facing which is why I've gone with that one as my dd is rear facing still. It's a big lump though!

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wwwwwwwwwwwwww Wed 02-May-18 21:47:57


How did you get on with the radian 5 on the Ryan Air flight? I'm considering buying it.

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