Citreon C4 Picasso 2014+ and ERF

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emmskie03 Mon 24-Jul-17 15:07:11

We have a Citreon C4 Picasso 2014+ model with stupid storage boxes in the floor.

I really want to go for ERF and preferably Isofix but I'm going round in circles, chasing my own tail trying to work out what is suitable.

I did fancy the Nuna Rebel Plus, joint problems make a swivel car seat very attractive.

Has anyone else got this car and tried out ERF seats? Any real life advice recommendations etc would be very gratefully received before my head pops off with car seat overload!

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TeaPleaseBob Mon 24-Jul-17 21:41:53

We have looked at this car and our klippan kiss seat worked ok as leg could be placed so it missed storage box. Not sure exactly what year we tried though in case that makes a difference.

We've been really happy with the klippan kisss. Have used it from birth and our 4 year old still fits in although she's getting close to the 18kg limit now. It fits with isofix or seatbelt (not the sturdiest install with seatbelt so we rarely use this)

Another seat worth looking at might be the Britax two way elite as it doesn't have a support leg instead needs to be supported by seat in front.

AliceMum09 Tue 25-Jul-17 09:43:33

Read the car manual and it will tell you what types of child seats you can use in which seating positions in your car.

As far as I know the storage boxes in this latest version of the C4 Picasso are not a problem - you can extend a leg to the bottom of the box. But double-check your manual, I have a similar car to the C4 Grand version of the Picasso (mine is a 2016 Peugeot 5008, Citroen and Peugeot are part of the same company group) and this is what my manual says

AliceMum09 Tue 25-Jul-17 09:46:09

For anyone else with a 5008 it's only the 2014> facelifted version that allows the leg of a seat/base to go to the bottom of the storage box. The manual for the original 2010-2013 models specifically says not to use any seat/base with a support leg in the middle row outer seats. I used to have that car, the storage boxes were definitely flimsy and not capable of supporting a child seat.

Eeeeek2 Tue 25-Jul-17 23:06:50

Two way elite doesn't need a support leg but not isofix - will have this one behind passenger seat when seconded seat is required.

Ax kid mini kid - I have this in the centre seat of the same car - not isofix

Joie everystages isofix forward facing but seatbelt backwards

Why do you want isofix? These seats are too big to be moved about much.

emmskie03 Thu 27-Jul-17 19:42:50

I'm paranoid about incorrect fitting which is why I prefer isofix.

Plus, wouldn't a seatbelt fitted seat mean the seatbelt is in the way of getting them in the car?

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emmskie03 Fri 28-Jul-17 20:55:47

We went and tried a couple of seats. The Joie stages and the Cybex Sirona M2 isize extend into the storage boxes fine.

We had been told that the legs wouldn't extend that far in an I size but clearly they do so that solves a lot of problems! I definitely like the Cybex seat!

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Eeeeek2 Wed 23-Aug-17 12:35:06

If you're not going to move the seat much then I don't think incorrect fitting is a big problem. You carefully fit it when you've got time/not trying to prevent baby falling over/eat mud etc. Then it stays in the car until you need to clean underneath. I have the isofix base for the 0+ seat as it came in and out of the car and often in a rush but the erf doesn't move.

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