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Group 1-2-3 that reclines?

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sillymoooo Sun 25-Jun-17 20:40:25

I was wondering if anybody could recommend a reasonably priced 1-2-3 car seat that has a recline function?
We have the Graco Milestones car seat at the moment but we're looking for a second (cheaper) seat for our less used second car.
I like the milestones car seat but it doesn't recline enough when forward facing and DD's head flops forward constantly while sleeping (she falls to sleep instantly in the car)
Can anybody recommend something suitable?
Thank you

Dexter2402 Wed 28-Jun-17 13:19:57

What about the Britax Evolva?

MichaelKnight Wed 28-Jun-17 22:22:08

Try the Cybex Pallas M-Fix or Solution X-Fix. They are forward facing and have a patented head rest that tips the head back when DD falls asleep so the head stays within the latersl side impact protection zone.

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