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Kiddy evolunafix iSize

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dimondholly85 Mon 05-Jun-17 14:30:29

Hi, I was just wondering if anyone is having problems with delivery for the Kiddy evoluna isize? We ordered ours on the 11th March and were told that delivery would be 8-12 weeks. This is now being pushed back to mid July but we have not been given an actual date or explanation. Kiddy have sent us a loan seat but I'm not happy because it doesn't seem to fit our pram and can't lie flat in the car. Our due date is 14th June and I feel upset that we won't have the product that we spent so long researching and spent a lot of money on in time!

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Hmmbop1 Wed 28-Jun-17 14:38:55

Yes same problem. Mid-July will be late-July at the earliest, and don't be surprised if it becomes mid-August or later.

Been told they've one container of stock coming in to them 24 July. It'll be a few days from then at least before it gets to you. If you're not lucky enough to get one out of that batch, it'll be August at the earliest.

dimondholly85 Thu 29-Jun-17 22:24:37

I really hope I'm lucky enough to get ours from this batch - we ordered on the 11th march! And we paid in full at that time! I don't quite understand how they can launch and sell a product that they don't actually have!

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ADuckNamedSplash Sat 01-Jul-17 13:43:56

Thanks for the updates. We're waiting on one too - we were told it would be dispatched last weekend but it hasn't arrived and nobody has been in contact.

This is after we attempted to buy it in both John Lewis and Mothercare in the first instance. Both shops had a display model on the shelf and in both cases we just got a "computer says no" response from the sales assistants when trying to actually purchase it. We baively thought that ordering it direct from the manufacturer would avoid further problems... hmm

ADuckNamedSplash Sat 01-Jul-17 13:44:55


dimondholly85 Sat 01-Jul-17 18:48:07

I'm starting to wish we'd had a computer says no response to be honest! At least mothercare and John Lewis didn't sell you a car seat that doesn't seem to exist! I just wish there was an alternative seat, but from what I remember, the only one with similar features was the cybex one but that was far too heavy for me!

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ADuckNamedSplash Sat 01-Jul-17 19:01:35

Yes, you're right about the lack of alternatives - seemed to be the reason why it was the most expensive one we came across!

ADuckNamedSplash Tue 04-Jul-17 20:41:12

DH finally heard from Kiddy today, after chasing them. Like Hmmbop1, we were told about stock coming in at the end of the month and they said we've been allocated one from that batch. I'll be 36 weeks at that point, so hope the dates don't slip any further!

ADuckNamedSplash Fri 28-Jul-17 17:16:02

Well, the revised delivery date we were given has come and gone - radio silence angry DH will chase again on Monday.

Anyone else had more luck?

dimondholly85 Sat 29-Jul-17 02:09:48

I rang baby planet (who we ordered with) today and even though they told me in June that they were expecting my order on the 24th July, this has now changed to 'we don't know if we have your order, we'll get back to you'. If they don't then I'm considering cancelling. I've had enough of both Kiddy and Baby Planet. I can't really see how it's legal that they've accepted full payment for a product that clearly didn't exist and they couldn't deliver on. One of the reasons we wanted the lie flat option for the car was particularly for a new born, but he's 5 weeks old now.

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ADuckNamedSplash Sat 29-Jul-17 17:12:38

That's really bad! We're on the verge of cancelling too. We'll see what they say when we call on Monday, but at this point only a delivery tracking number is going to be sufficient - they've fobbed us off with revised dates too many times already.

ADuckNamedSplash Wed 02-Aug-17 12:19:00

Well, we had another round of being fobbed off and given mis-information on Monday BUT the car seat has just been delivered! Finally! Hopefully this bodes well for those of you still waiting.

dimondholly85 Wed 02-Aug-17 17:23:37

Fantastic, at last! We got fobbed off too on Monday and the yesterday we had an email asking us to choose a delivery'll be here Monday. Fingers crossed we aren't going to be messed about again!

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ADuckNamedSplash Wed 02-Aug-17 18:40:11

That sounds cautiously promising! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you too!

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