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Joolz Day 2 Travel System

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tabletopsbs6 Wed 24-May-17 12:48:43


I've recently purchased the Joolz Day 2 pram and I am looking for a car seat as part of a "travel system".

I've been looking Maxi Cosi Pebble / Pebble Plus with Two Way Fix base OR the matching (ooh, matching) Joolz Izi Go Besafe car seat with modular base (this also has the benefit of extended RF until 3/4 years). The pebble seems a lot roomier than the IziGo...

Have any of you got either of the above and would you recommend?


teaandbiscuitsforme Wed 24-May-17 19:35:20

We have to Izi Go but the previous model (before it was updated for the modular). Both DC have been comfortable in it but DD started to get frustrated at about 8 months because of the shape around the head so she went into the Be Safe Izi Kid. DS is still in it for now.

But, my point(!), the Modular seems to be very well thought of. There is a good Facebook group for car seats and it seems popular there so I would consider choosing the Izi Go in order to have the modular.

Just one point, although it says rear facing to 4, it is actually 18kg which my DD is predicted to reach at 3.5 but my 98th centile DS is predicted 2yrs 7mo. You obviously won't know how big your baby will be until they're here and it all seems an awfully long way off when they're tiny, but just wanted to let you know that although they say 4, it might be earlier for your child.

And do seriously consider extended rear facing - 5 times safer than forward facing smile

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