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Lie flat car seat

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Sunisshining12 Wed 19-Apr-17 10:47:50

Can anyone recommend the 'best' lie flat car seats in terms of safety & quality please?

I think they would be better for our LO as we do quite a bit of travelling to see family all over the country & I'd like to be able to keep LO in seat & connect straight to a frame to save waking up & taking a carry cot with me,

LO is 8 weeks, thanks

INeedNewShoes Wed 19-Apr-17 10:54:41

I've bought a Jane Matrix Light 2 with Isofix base. Its a carrycot style lie-flat seat, but can be converted to an upright seat very easily from 6 months (making it more cost effective than the ones that are carrycot only). The seat did very well in the Which? safety tests without the base, but the score for use with the isofix base was low because 'if the car seat is not attached to the isofix base correctly it would be dangerous' or words to that effect. Of course it would(!), but really, attaching it to the isofix base correctly is not that difficult.

I particularly liked the carrycot function (can be used for overnight sleeping or as a pram on the compatible pushchair) of the Matrix.

If it wasn't for that, and if money is no object I believe the Kiddy Lunafix lie-flat is highly regarded and it doesn't take up so much space in the car as the Matrix.

Sunisshining12 Wed 19-Apr-17 11:40:33

Thanks for your reply! Is the Jane compatible with many frames?

I was thinking the cybex q cloud but can't seem to find out what it's compatible with!

Sunisshining12 Wed 19-Apr-17 11:41:15

Thanks for your reply! Is the Jane compatible with many frames?

I was thinking the cybex q cloud but can't seem to find out what it's compatible with!

octoberbundle Wed 19-Apr-17 11:52:25

We have the kiddy lunafix, it's fantastic, definitely recommend x

INeedNewShoes Wed 19-Apr-17 12:18:37

The Matrix is compatible with any Jane pushchairs (I've bought an Epic as I wanted the all-terrain wheels & suspension but still a compact (ish) pushchair).

They have just brought out adaptors to attach the Matrix to a Bugaboo (the Bee I think - check this if that interests you).

Jane's UK supplier are a shop called Samuel Johnston. They are really helpful if you phone or email them with questions and they might be aware of other pushchairs that the Matrix will clip onto.

Sunisshining12 Wed 19-Apr-17 13:19:37

Thanks for the suggestion. I've just realised it's going to be much cheaper to go for the cloud since I already have a cybex isofix base.

Does anyone know if this is comparible with the icandy peach in double mode?

Inadither Thu 04-May-17 00:07:44

Lie flat aren't as safe as rear facing, so unless your child has reflux or a medical condition that warrants it, I would avoid if possible.

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