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Travel/occasional car seat

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NutellaMonster Thu 06-Apr-17 06:40:37


We are using a hire car on holiday and I want to buy a car seats to take with us on the plane for my DT.

We also have a couple of weddings coming up where we need to use taxis so I thought about looking at portable car seats - trunki, bubblegum and mifold are all ones I've looked into.

My worry is that my DT are just at the age and weight that these can be used from. Am I better looking at a lightweight and reasonable high back seat? Does anyone know how safe these portable options are? Says they meet safety standards but am a bit worried about lack of head protection.

Basically are there any proper seats I should also be looking at that work well for travel? Thanks.

CarcerDun Thu 06-Apr-17 07:02:31

Similar issue here for travelling, we've gone for a lightweight high back booster £30 from Halfords.

MelinaMercury Thu 06-Apr-17 09:21:21

Of the 3 you've mentioned I'd say the Trunking boostapack would be the safest as it lifts them up and has proper belt positioners for lap and shoulders.

However, as you say the lack of side impact and head support isn't ideal. Especially if i'm right in assuming their only 3/4?

A bit more cumbersome but something like the Britax Adventure High back booster is ideal for occasional use as it's lightweight and narrow enough to fit in any car easily. I don't know how practical carrying/storing 2 full boosters would be though. I've taken ours on a 6 hour train journey before as we had a drive at the end.

NutellaMonster Thu 06-Apr-17 18:05:14

Thanks MelinaMercury. The Britax adventure looks great and is at the right price (£39.99 online) Thank you!

Actually tempted to get 2 of these for the holiday hire car and 2 mi-folds for the future for taxis/Play dates etc.

Yes they are 4.4 and weigh 18kgs so right at the bottom threashold for a lot of the portable ones I was looking at.

CarcerDun - yes I was looking at those Halfords ones a few months ago. They also look good. Thanks

MelinaMercury Thu 06-Apr-17 18:37:27

We used the Adventure for DS from 4 until recently and he's almost 11 so they're definitely with the money smile

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