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Maxicosi Pebble vs Cabriofix

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MrsJW15 Tue 28-Feb-17 14:27:38

I have been looking at these two car seats for a newborn. We don't have a car so this will really be for occassional use (holidays, rental cars etc). The cabriofix is generally cheaper, but I can't really see why. Are there are any major differences, or reasons to go for the Pebble instead? TIA.

MyMrKnightley Fri 31-Mar-17 09:34:53

The pebble has magnets to hold the straps out of the way, cabriofix has hooks you can place the straps behind to do the same thing.

Pebble (not the pebble plus) is slightly narrower than the cabriofix and therefore is airplane approved - only useful if you're willing to buy baby a seat on the plane. Useful if you're going to fly lots and hire a car the other side.

Pebble is 0.6kg heavier.

I believe that the pebble fits onto a base that can take the next size seat too. I wouldn't do this as the next seat is only going to fit until 4 (possible less if you have a child that is either tall or heavy) and I wouldn't want to risk putting a under 5 in a high back booster with normal seatbelt. My child is tall but might not be same problem if you and partner are small and therefore baby is small.

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