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Help! Ford SMax

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user1487636583 Tue 21-Feb-17 00:34:41

Hi, I have just purchased a Ford SMax 2010 (facelift) and will be using a Britax Maxway for my almost 3yr old son in the 2nd row middle seat. I have a Cybex Solution M fix for my 4yr old daughter (she was in a Joie Every Stage - however I was told this was not a suitable seat for the S max)
So, I am due another baby in a few weeks and need to have a car seat chosen and ready to go for the other outer seat second row.
The S max has storage boxes, but ours have the factory fitted inserts in...

I would really prefer an Isofix seat simply for the ease of fitting. Please can someone help! I need advice as I'm seriously confused as to what will

TisMeTheLadFromTheBar Tue 21-Feb-17 01:05:08

Maxi cosi Axis for an older child? It sits in a Base but it turns to the side so no trying to lean over the seat to tie seat belts. I think car seats are only a problem if you use the two rear seats (lifting the middle row to get in) but they would still have access through the booth. I love the sliding doors in the Grand CMAX but it doesn't fit 3 seats across.

Millybingbong Sat 08-Apr-17 19:28:55

I'm sure any infant carrier would. Otherwise I would use the every stage rear facing.
Or another maxway?

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