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Britax Two Way Elite or Multi Tech 2?

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theclockticksslowly Sat 21-Jan-17 21:04:58

I have to replace my current ERF seat (Britax Hi Way 2) due to an accident. I want to get another ERF seat for my fairly petite 3 year old and have been looking at both of these as they should last longer than the Hi Way, can stay resurfacing until 25kg but do have the option to go forward facing should we want that if she still fits in at 6 or even 7.

I understand the Multitech 2 is a bit bulkier and has a foot prop whereas the TWE must rest on the front seats. It primarily must fit in a 3 door Peugeot 208 but will be used in other family members' cars too.

I'm just wondering if anyone has experience of either or both of these seats? I'm not sure which to go for although probably leaning towards the TWE. Thanks!

SchnitzelvonKrummsverylowtum Sat 21-Jan-17 21:14:13

People seem to love the two way elite on here, but I hated it and returned it after DS (2.4 at the time) managed to undo the harness while I was driving. It also seemed a bit cheap (even though it's not) and didn't seem to offer as much protection as some other seats. However, I'm aware that this just might be my experience and most people have no issues with it. I now have to have DS forward facing so I can see if he's managed to get out of the harness.

captaincake Sat 21-Jan-17 21:50:34

I have both these seats. Got the multi tech first and like it apart from it's too reclined (we need a bolt upright one) so bought the twe. it's good but the harness at the shoulders is crap because there's no padding and it cuts in to DS's neck. If I do it loose enough to not cut in it's too loose and he just pulls his arms out. I wanted to replace the multi tech with a besafe plus (we have their i size seat in the other car and it's amazing) but couldn't afford it. If we didn't need one totally upright I would use the multi tech.

AliceMum09 Sat 21-Jan-17 22:16:50

My Multi Tech II is pretty upright, Captaincake your car must have really flat seats if the Multi Tech II is too reclined!

I do love our Multi Tech II, my daughter will be 5 at the beginning of April but is under the 9th centile for both height and weight and she's really comfortable in it.

The TWE is more versatile, it will fit practically any car and of course it's not a problem if there are storage boxes in the car because there is no support leg. It can also be installed set back from the car's seat backrest to give more legroom. It can also be used forward facing with the harness to 25kgs, and will accommodate a slightly taller child than the Multi Tech II.

The Multi Tech II has no recline adjustments or option to fit it differently for increased legroom. It also has the support leg, which can be a problem (you should check the manual of any car with storage boxes, sometimes you can extend a leg to the bottom of them and some manufacturers sell fillers although Britax won't usually allow a foot prop to rest on the lid of a filled box). But it's simple to fit, and has a good supportive headrest if your daughter occasionally still sleeps in the car. Both seats have side impact protection but there is no headrest on the TWE. If you want to use the Multi Tech II forward facing it's harnessed to 18kgs but from 18-25kgs it's a high backed booster. I'd never use it like that, it's so heavy that I'd not want that unsecured weight behind my daughter in a collision.

The TWE is usually recommended for tall children, or for use forward facing for heavy children (because of the increased harness capacity). Your daughter doesn't fit either of those categories, but that's not to say you shouldn't buy it.

There isn't a fitting list for the TWE, but you could check the list for the Multi Tech II to see if your car and your family's cars are on there.

The photo attached is of my daughter last summer in the Multi Tech II, she's not grown a great deal since then, she's comfortable in the seat and has never moaned about her legs or anything. I'm keeping her rear facing in this seat for another couple of years.

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