Question about Joie car seats (high backed booster)

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FrazzleRock Wed 18-Jan-17 09:48:20

I have bought this for my 7 year old to replace his booster cushion, and wondered if anyone else has experienced this?
The bloody thing moves around all over the place, even though its strapped in properly. Like, if we turn a corner, because the seat belt isn't pulled tight (because breaking isn't enough) the whole seat leans over! It also blocks half the view out of our back window as the head rest needs to be at its highest to be comfortable for DS. I understand why the law has changed and think its a good thing, but slightly concerned about the back window obstruction and the instability of the seat. Not sure if we are doing something wrong...? It doesn't have its own straps, it uses the main seat belt.

I was going to send Joie a message. but thought I'd ask here in case anyone else has the same issue.

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CheerfullyIndifferent Wed 18-Jan-17 09:58:58

I have a Joie for my 7 year old and haven't noticed it moving nor has my DD complained. She's very lightweight, so I think the belt just locks it in place - rather than her weight keeping it down, if you see what I mean.

I'm intrigued now and will ask her when she comes home from school.

FrazzleRock Wed 18-Jan-17 10:10:29

Thanks cheerfully DS is also very lightweight, which made me wonder if that is why his seat moves around.
Another example, if I break (but not heard enough for the seat belt to pull tight) the back of the seat moves forward. He has hit his head on the seat in front before

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CheerfullyIndifferent Wed 18-Jan-17 15:53:51

Oh, that sounds really bad.

Just had a word with her and she said neither of her seats move when she's on them (the one in my car is a joie, the one in DH's car is a Gracco). Hopefully joie can advise!

AliceMum09 Thu 19-Jan-17 00:02:13

If he's hit his head on the seat in front then you've got the front seat too far back - that's nothing to do with the seat your son is sitting on.

It's probably just that the Joie high backed booster isn't a good match for the shape of your car's seats. I have a Britax Adventure high backed booster which gets narrower towards the back (the part of the Britax seat that is touching your car's seat is quite slimline) so it's a good choice for more 'sculpted' or 'shaped' vehicle seats (pic attached is of the Adventure)

Does your car have isofix? You can get high backed booster that have isofix attachments, they don't offer much safety advantage but it would stop the seat moving as much as you say it does. The Britax Discovery SL is quite affordable, or you could try the Joie one with isofix (sometimes it's called isofit on high backed boosters)

FrazzleRock Thu 19-Jan-17 10:31:34

Thank you Alice I think the Isofix models are quite a bit more £££. We were looking for something cheaper as we don't have much spare cash. Plus we need two seats as DP and I use a car each. Though we could, in theory, transfer one car seat between the two cars. I can see one of us leaving in one car with the seat still in though, then we'd be in trouble.
The Joie ones we have were around £35 each IIRC.

As you say, it might well be the shape of the car's back seat, but the cheap booster cushions he used to use fit very well, and I am fairly certain the 'seat' part is the same width. But I will take a look and see if that's the problem.

Yes the space between the front and backs seats in both cars is quite tight!

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