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BeSafe IziPlus / Cybex Sirona / Britax Dualfix

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Sleepybeanbump Fri 13-Jan-17 22:11:05

Looking for a rear facing seat for chunky 12 month old who HATES the car. He hates being restricted and strains in his infant seat, and screams with boredom and frustration. Main criteria are:
Needs to have a nice upright position, not one where he's restricted in a titled back bucket seat position.
Also needs a good recline that can be easily adjusted for nap time.
Needs to sit high in car so he can see out of window well.
Needs to have good leg room - I think having his legs scrunched up will just annoy him more.
Needs to be reasonably open round sides, so he doesn't feel enclosed or restricted and can reach out sideways.
Ideally needs good room for growth height wise - don't really want to find, but for the right seat I might compromise.
I thought I was set on something going up to 25kg but for the right seat I'll settle for 18kg.

For the reasons above we LOVED the BeSafe Izi Plus - lovely upright position and then fab recline. Nice cut away sides so he could see round and stick his arms out. Really high up. Tonnes of leg room. Sales lady was pretty negative about it saying it had less height in it than others we dismissed, which is a bit disappointing given price but I might have to suck it...

So far we've tried lots of others that we've discounted, mainly because they were very low, had a seat belt that got in the way, or didn't have adjustable recline positions in the rear facing position, or had lots of reviews with concerns about head flopping forwards. The only ones I think might be contenders are the Cybex Sirona and the Britax Dualfix, neither of which we've seen yet.

Pros and cons....?

captaincake Sun 15-Jan-17 20:49:26

I'm sure the besafe has a lot more height growing room than either of the others. I know a boy who grew out of the dual fix by 2.5 years. I love my besafe seat it's absolutely fantastic. The two way elite and the minikid are taller I believe but I certainly wouldn't put the besafe down as a lower height shell seat at all. If you go on Facebook and look up rear facing car seats for toddlers and look at their photos there is a picture of a 6.5 year old in the besafe.

vj32 Sun 15-Jan-17 22:23:37

Cybex sirona is very small height wise, so is the britax. I would have got the besafe but it didn't fit my car. I would go to a specialist to look at more options, especially if you have a big baby.

SchnitzelvonKrummsverylowtum Mon 16-Jan-17 19:24:12

DS just turned 2.6 and he will be growing out of the dualfix on weight within the next month or so. He is very big for his age, at 1 meter tall and 17kg, but i don't see how a 4 year old could fit in it unless they were quite small.

Having said that, it's a fantastic seat - he was comfy in it, while he screamed in his infant carrier, and the ability to turn it sideways to put him in was really useful to get him in.

Laquila Tue 17-Jan-17 13:46:47

I love the BeSafe seats - we had a Combi X3 and now a Kid iSize, which is basically the same bit doesn't ff. My average height 3.5yr old still has a fair amount of room -he'd prob be in it til at least 4yrs but we'll need it for his brother before then!

In my extensive research of erf car seats, the BeSafes were definitely the ones that gave the highest sitting position for the child. (Not sure how he'll take to the TWE that we're thinking we might put him in!) Izi Plus is slightly lower as not on an Isofix base, but still a good seat height. The iSize (not the Kid iSize) did seem to have less shell height than the others in the range, FWIW.

NameChange30 Tue 22-Aug-17 16:48:44

Hi OP,
I was just wondering if you got the Besafe Izi Plus in the end, and if so what you think of it?
I'm seriously considering it and have very similar criteria to you. I want an ERF seat with different recline positions that will ideally last up to 25kg.

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