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Kia Sportage and car seats

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ohisay Fri 16-Dec-16 18:17:07

Feeling very lucky, my surprise Christmas present (a little early) is a new Kia Sportage.
However, there seems to be one catch to my lovely new car- child car seats! My children are in HBB (5&8). They are ready for replacing their current ones (Britax evolva) and I'd like to change to isofix ideally as the children aren't always in the car and the seats will remain safe.
We went to toys r us as they have a number of seats to choose from. Of the 4 tested, only one fit safely- Ricaro monza.
The shape of the Kia seat means that smooth backed Car seats don't sit against the Kia seat properly. There is a dip in the side of the recaro the others don't have.
If you drive a Kia, or another car with dipped seats, what car seats do you use? Recommendations welcome grin

traceyed1 Sun 18-Dec-16 16:22:27

Hi there i have the new sportage too. my son whos 5 is in a britax adventure HBB and it fits fine. my other 2 children who are 11 are on bubblebum boosters as they are just slightly too short to do away with boosters completely.

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