Infant carrier suggestions please

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Sparrowlegs248 Tue 13-Dec-16 12:19:25

Thanks for your reply, ds is his seat, he's only 16 months old. Dc2 will move into it though as I've remembered it only rear faces to 15 kg I think. I will get the joie for ds then, but think I'd like an actual carrier to start for ease of moving baby to start with. I had thought of maxi cosi.

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moggle Tue 13-Dec-16 09:19:44

Will DC2 move into DC1's ERF seat in time or is DC1 still using it? I'm not quite clear from your post but if you're not fussed about being able to move the infant seat in and out of the car then you could get one of the from-birth ERF seats? EG a Joie every stage, Joie i anchor, britax dualfix?
Otherwise I would personally stick to a brand that actually makes and tests car seats themselves, avoiding the brands you can buy in supermarkets or Fisher price seats, etc. You can get a maxi cosi cabriofix for around £100. The other main option with infant seats now is the lie-flat option especially if you're likely to have long journeys in the car - hopefully others can advise as I know some models are poorly crash rated.

Sparrowlegs248 Mon 12-Dec-16 21:02:10

I don't need a travel system, literally just the first car seat for Dc2.

Just looked on motherboard, they have one half price for £35, up to a became for £300 Inc Base.

I moved ds into an erf seat at about 5/6 months as was struggling to carry the seat I had, which was a silver cross.

Such a huge price range, I don't want to spend unnecessary money, but obviously safety is paramount! Thanks.

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