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Recommend me a high back booster please

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NapQueen Wed 30-Nov-16 12:31:14

Dd is nearing 5 and just about to get too tall for her harnessed car seat, though she is still under the 25kg weight limit.

We don't have isofix, which I'd have liked for a hbb so I didn't have to belt it in when un used.

Our current seats are Britax, but when I looked there's a fair few even just in their brand, let alone all the other ones!

We do long drives 2/3 times a year and she will be in the seat once a week the return of the time. She never falls asleep in the car.

Any recommendations?

NeverGoOutOfStyle Sat 04-Feb-17 10:00:03

We just bought DSD a Joie Trillo who is almost 4, but he's really big for his age. After about 3 hours of looking for one that we thought was safe, but not extremely expensive. It has a good amount of protection (much more than the graco one he had before). It looks really comfortable and he says it is comfy and it has cupholders which DSD loves because he keeps toys in them grin.

We bought ours from Mamas and Papas in the 'earl grey' colour ( but Halfords have the red one for £25 + 20% off if you bring them a backless booster seat.

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