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Note: This topic is for discussing car seats. To find out which products have won Mumsnet Best, go to Reviews. If you want to buy and sell car seats, please use our For Sale/Wanted boards. Please feel free to report buying and selling in this topic. - is it the real deal?

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user1480507944 Wed 30-Nov-16 12:19:23

Hi all, I've been looking for a new car seat and stumbled upon a website called, the prices look too good to be true (£55 for the seat I'm looking at, compared to £139 at Mothercare.
Has anybody heard of it before, are they genuine seats, and if so why so cheap?
I have a Cybex Pallas at the moment, but my lo doesn't seem very happy at all in it, so looking to change. TIA

captaincake Wed 30-Nov-16 13:24:55

Dodgy! No address or phone number. Weird way of writing and the car seat descriptions are stolen from mothercare.

AliceMum09 Wed 30-Nov-16 17:23:26

Agree, very dodgy!

Jornce Mon 06-Mar-17 16:57:42

I went ahead and signed up to this website to make a purchase. When I got to the payment screen it wasn't secured. I did not complete my purchase and I would advise that you avoid this site.

maysbaby8 Tue 07-Mar-17 16:28:06

i found the mothercare carseat that i would like on this website reduced from £120 to £40 so emailed mothercare customer services and they can't confirm that this is a legitimate website selling their products. they say if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

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