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What do you consider most important when buying a car seat?

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Lara55 Tue 29-Nov-16 11:49:49

New mum here, searching for a car seat and no idea where to start!

If you could number what you look for in a car seat, what would it be? For example, is which brand I choose important or should ignore that?


captaincake Tue 29-Nov-16 16:04:59

It needs to be suitable for your child's age/weight/height and fit in your car. After that I look on the adac website to check out their safety ratings or would buy anything swedish plus tested.

AliceMum09 Tue 29-Nov-16 18:55:46

So long as you chose a brand you will be ok. Don't buy Mothercare's own seats or Nania/Team Tex/Kiddicare. They have only passed the bare minimum standards to be allowed on sale in the U.K., they are all generic car seats with different covers and are made in China.

The big brands like Britax, Maxi Cosi and Joie all have their own in-house testing facilities and their seats go a long way beyond the minimum standards required.

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