1 need 3 group 2 seats that fix an smax please!

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Igletpiglet Wed 23-Nov-16 12:58:23

i phoned 'in car safety' who says - you'll have to try each brand separately and won't advise anything at all!
in car safety slates also which reviews.

have tried car fit guide for kidfix and find that it is restricted use.
maxi cosi rodi scores low on which safety.
mumsnet slates mothercare fitters!
has anyone got any real life advice for safe seats that fit in the back of the smax please? thanks so much in advance.

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Igletpiglet Wed 23-Nov-16 12:58:55

ps middle row. not the 2 pop up in the back seats.

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AliceMum09 Thu 24-Nov-16 12:52:37

You shouldn't have any problem fitting three seats in terms of the width of your car, but if it is a little tight accessing the seatbelt buckles just slide the middle seat forward to offset the boosters slightly.

I think with the S-Max the problem is height - you'll not be able to fully-extend the headrest on any high backed booster (not just the Britax KidFix ones) because of the way the sides of the car slope into the roof.

Mothercare are rubbish at fitting seats, but since you don't really have to 'fit' a high backed booster I would still go there anyway and try some out. A friend of a friend had three Recaro high backed boosters of some description across the middle row of an S-Max, but don't feel you have to buy 3 identical seats - it might work better with a different seat in the middle and Two the same on the outer seats.

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