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High back booster

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Mol1628 Wed 02-Nov-16 11:22:45

Looking to turn my 4yo forward facing now.
I've looked at the cybex solution q fix plus and also a besafe Izi up isofix

Anyone have these or got any other recommendations.

Cost not a problem because I'm owed £400 from my nuna Rebl

MissRainbowBrite Wed 02-Nov-16 12:33:42

We've got the q-fix and it's great. DD went into it when she was 4.3 and we're really happy with it.
Easy to install because of the isofix, the plus fabric is lovely, the belt guide puts the shoulder belt in a perfect postition and the slight recline on the adjustable headrest is handy if DD nods off but even if this isn't back the deep sides keep her head back so no nodding dog syndrome!
If you've got any questions please ask.

Mol1628 Wed 02-Nov-16 16:54:45

Brilliant thanks. I just want something that feels safe since its going to be strange forward facing him.

Mol1628 Sun 06-Nov-16 07:02:23

We've got it. It's fantastic. It does feel strange forward facing him but he's in a good seat. He fell asleep in it and his head didn't drop forwards which is great as we mostly do long journeys.

MissRainbowBrite Sun 06-Nov-16 08:51:36

Glad to hear you're happy with it smile

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