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Car seat with hand print logo?

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smileyhappypeople Tue 01-Nov-16 18:56:52

But of a random one but I have seen a car seat/pushchair and I can't remember the name of it... I remember it had a handprint on each of the shoulder pads in the car seat.... anyone know the brand???

Artandco Tue 01-Nov-16 18:57:43


captaincake Tue 01-Nov-16 21:21:19


smileyhappypeople Wed 02-Nov-16 16:20:15

They are the two I thought of but can't find it .... never mind

smileyhappypeople Wed 02-Nov-16 16:23:34

Was isafe... typical. Couldn't match it but just quickly checked again and it came up straight away!! Thanks

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