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First time Car seat

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sphoenix1991 Mon 31-Oct-16 11:29:26

Hi guys,

I can imagine this subject has be done to death but please bare with me. I have a newborn who is still waiting to come out of hospital 4 weeks after his operation. I need to buy him a car seat.

Now after doing a bit of initial research I am quite confused. I have wanted to buy either a Maxi-Cosi Cabrifix or the Pebble.

I need to get an idea of what the main difference between the two is and secondly do I need to buy different iso fix for each seat?

This car seat is intended to simply stay in my car, me and the mother live separately so a buggy will be shared (therefore i'm not too bothered about what pushchair it will be connectable with etc) but I just simply need to have a car seat that will stay in my car and be moved into the house.

So can anyone give me clarity on what base I need ( if i need one) and what will be better on the Pebble vs Cabrifix?

Also to clarify, I drive an old Vauxhall Corsa which is a 2003 plate. I am looking to get a new car over the next few months but I need to work with what I currently have.

Thanks in advance.

mangocoveredlamb Mon 31-Oct-16 11:33:35

In 2014 when we bought our pebble the main difference seemed to be the sped at which the seats were tested at (60mph vs 80 for the pebble)
The maxi cosi website explains which base you nee and you can get belted or isofix.

smileyhappypeople Mon 31-Oct-16 11:37:48

You are best to go into mothercare or somewhere and they will advise and fit you with a car seat.
In regards to the maxi cosi ones.. the pebble is just the newer version. (So most expensive!). The pebble also fits on an ISO fix family base. When your baby out grows this car seat you can upgrade to the forward facing maxi cosi pearl that fits on the same base.

If you are not bothered about it being able to be removed from the car then I would probably invest in an extended rear facing seat that stays in your car. Britax do one and so do maxi cosi as well as a few other makes. They are more expensive but will last until child is at least 4 whereas the ones you are looking at will only last until 15mnths.
Also keeping baby rear facing for longer is way safer than forward facing.
I would go to mothercare and have a look. They won't let you buy one without them fitting it anyway so they won't think any less of you for not being sure where to start

Hope that helps and good luck with the new baby!

smileyhappypeople Mon 31-Oct-16 11:39:19

The extended ones I mean spin 360 degrees so they are fab to spin seat round to face door to get baby in and out!

bobgoblin23 Mon 31-Oct-16 11:55:41

Would recommend a seat that spins 360. Reading in to your comment, baby has had an operation. Without knowing your situation, have a think about if your baby will have additional needs. Trying to get a sleeping baby out of the car seat is no mean feat. Add the possibility of the additional twisting and moving causing discomfort or pain. You may want to invest in a car seat that comes out so you can safely transfer baby in to the house without waking. Or a spinning one that puts baby directly in front of you rather than side on.

What seat does mum have? If you are sharing responsibilities for caring, perhaps you can share the car seat for the first 0+ stage. It will be for approx 9-12months and if you both have the matching isofix base, then baby can move with the seat. Seems like a reasonable suggestion and will save money plus reassures mum that baby is in a seat she is happy with.

AliceMum09 Mon 31-Oct-16 20:47:39

I think the Britax infant seats are much better than Maxi Cosi. Their Babysafe ones are good, they have just brought out a new I-Size one, but all the I-size ones are isofix so you'd have to check that your car has isofix (given its age).

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