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Car seat for tall 2 year old

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DeepFriedCamembert Sun 30-Oct-16 20:44:34

While cleaning the car tonight I took the car seat out and realised there's a crack in the top of it, so need to get a new one ASAP. DS is 2 1/2, tall, but not heavy (15kg). He still loves a nap in the car, so I'd love a reclining seat. I'd prefer isofix as I do take the seat in and out occasionally. I'm 15/40, so the seat will be used again and I don't mind spending money if it's worth it. My husband wants a highjack booster with harness (level 1,2,3) as he feels it will do DS longer and make him feel more grown up. I'd prefer one of the combination car seats that do up to 4 years (although most manufacturers say these only go up to 18kg, so I'm concerned it won't last long).
Does anyone have a recommendation firstly for what type of car seat (level 0-1 vs 1,2,3) and it would be fab if anyone could recommend a specific one. The back seat of my car is quite roomy, so size shouldn't be an issue. Thank you all in advance!

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