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Cheap car seat for occasional use?

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lamprey42 Mon 24-Oct-16 02:05:02

I am visiting home for Christmas with twins who will be about 15kg. We can't bring their own seats as they are Canadian ones and therefore not legal in the UK. Weight wise they could go into a cheap high backed booster but I think safety wise they still need a five point harness. The options are to rent a seat which is ok for them now or to buy one that could be used for future trips too and stored at the grandparents - my sister is in a similar situation so it would be used occasionally. If we bought we would go for a group 1-3 seat so it could be used for the longest period. What would you do? I don't want to spend a fortune but want them to be safe and I know you can get a cheap 1-3 seat from Halfords but feel it can't be very good (if someone knows it is please let me know as that would be great!).

intheBondiBubble Mon 24-Oct-16 02:57:12

I bought a nearly new second hand one for our UK visits, it stays at the grandparent ready for our yearly trip. I'm in laws bought a cheap one and it was so awful we didn't want to use it hmm
I'd say go for a long term version so it won't feel like wasted money, and the sense or relief at one less thing to arrange each year is priceless grin

AliceMum09 Mon 24-Oct-16 13:27:01

The Joie Elevate is a good Group 1-2-3 seat, or the Britax Evolva.

Joie Elevate

Britax Evolva

AliceMum09 Mon 24-Oct-16 13:27:58

^ forgot to say, the harness on both those seats can be used until your child weighs 18kgs

Boredomismyenemy Mon 24-Oct-16 13:32:37

I'd look at the britax evolva in your position. Harnessed for now but can be used with just the seatbelt in future. Best value for money.

TeaPleaseBob Mon 24-Oct-16 13:59:18

We have the Britain evolva in grandparents cars and it's a good seat. Will last well and fits very securely in each car we've tried it in

lamprey42 Wed 26-Oct-16 00:29:36

Thanks all. The Britax Evolva was one I had been looking at so glad to hear it is good. Inthebondi I think I would feel like that about the Halfords one. Now I just need to try and talk them out of it tactfully.

lamprey42 Wed 26-Oct-16 00:52:09

Alicemum09 have you seen any test results for the Joie Elevate? That looks good too and a bit cheaper than the Britax but I can't find any crash tests for it.

Olympiathequeen Fri 18-Nov-16 18:45:27

We have the britax evolva and it's a good car seat. Britax is a reliable well known brand, and also UK has very stringent safety standards for car seats.

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