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ISOFIX car seat for car clubs (Zipcar) and minicabs?

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noveltysocks Sun 16-Oct-16 18:55:54

Hi folks,

I've had a good search online and back through the forum archives and I can't find much that touches on this, so thought I'd post for advice.

My girlfriend and I are expecting our first baby in December and starting to figure out what stuff we're going to need during the first few months. We live in London, don't have a car and don't really want that to change. In addition to the tube and buses, our area is covered by two car clubs (both of which we use currently), plus plentiful Uber and minicab options.

We figure we will want to travel by car now and again, either for short trips or when hiring cars to visit friends and family outside London, etc.

As a result, we feel like we should buy a car seat. But it seems like our requirements are a bit different to the norm. We want one that's easy to lug from our flat to the nearest Zipcar, and then easy to fit quickly. All our car club options have ISOFIX points, so we'd prefer a seat that uses ISOFIX if possible.

My specific questions are:

1. All the ISOFIX seats I've seen have a base that's separate to the actual seat. Is there such a thing as a more compact seat with ISOFIX points integrated?

2. If this kind of seat does exist, is there also one that's compatible with a travel system style buggy? It sounds like this is something that might be useful for quick trips.

3. Does anyone have experience of using their own baby seats in minicabs? Is this a practical way of getting from A to B? How is it lugging the car seat away with you at the other end? (For instance, if catching a taxi to the airport.)

Any and all other suggestions welcome. Thanks for putting up with the lengthy first post!

Superdinocharge Sun 16-Oct-16 18:59:43

Travel systems use infant carriers. They attached to the car via seatbelt or isofix base. They don't go directly into the car from the car seat.

There are seats that don't need a base but these wouldn't be travel system compatible. Isofix and seatbelt are just as safe as each other when installed correctly. Isofix is considered better as it reduces user error. If you learn how to install the seat using a seat belt then you would be best getting an infant carrier that attaches to your travel system and use the seatbelt.

smileyhappypeople Sun 16-Oct-16 19:39:07

There is a pushchair called a doony (I think) it is basically an infant carrier that has wheels that pull out to make it a pushchair. There is also an older car seat (for babies 9mths plus) that does the same... Could that be an option? You would probably need another buggy on top of that one though as I wouldn't imagine they would be very good for lots of use/walking.
Or orbit baby G3 pushchairs have car seats for both babies and older babies that attach to the buggy (not 100% sure whether the older car seat is available in this country though?)

noveltysocks Mon 17-Oct-16 21:38:40

Thanks for the replies everyone, I'm a bit clearer now. Definitely need to get out there and try out a few of these options for ourselves!

Pythonesque Mon 17-Oct-16 21:57:50

ISOfix was just coming in when my kids were born and we were happy with a seatbelt fitted baby carrier. Does mean that once you know how to fit it you should have less worry about whether the available car will work I think. The point at which you will probably have more issues is age 1 - 4 when you need more than an easily carried booster cushion but it won't be part of a travel system.

GhostsForge Mon 17-Oct-16 21:59:54

With regards to airport trips, our kids are no longer babies (but still need carseats)and we have at least one local cab firm who will take our seats to the airport for us, keep them in the office while we're away and then return them when they pick up. This has worked fine so far.

We also use our own seats in car club vehicles without hassle-although we never used ISOFIX. Our babyseat did work as part of a travel system so could be pushed to the car but now we have two bigger child seats it seems easier to just pick up the car, drive back to our place and add seats and children-although this relies on us both being around so one person can be with the children when the other picks up the car.

From time to time DH has carried a seat to the parking bay, but we'really fortunate that we do have lots of cars nearby.

We're in London and too and use buses, trains and the tube (slightly less) on a day to day basis rather than cabs though-maybe we would have looked into it more if that had been different!

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