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Car seat for a huge child!

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Rache1983 Sun 25-Sep-16 21:24:12

I measured and weighed my 2 year old today and he's 104cm and 19.1kg (above 98th centile!) so is already way over the car seat that we're currently using! Since he's only 2 I would prefer to keep him in a 5 point harness for as long as possible but all the car seats I've been looking at you can only use the harness until 18kg. The other thing is that we need to buy 3 car seats so price is obviously an issue as well.
TIA for any suggestions!

HarryOHay Sun 25-Sep-16 21:34:10

I think there are only a few that harness to 25kg if forward facing and more than rear face.

Off the top of my head for forward facing are the Britax 2 way elite and Britax advansafix.

Rear facing there are lots of options.

Have a look on FB for the group Car seat advice for mummies and daddies. There are lots of posts on there from people in a similar situation.

I have the Axkid Minikid as its meant to be great for taller children. It's rear facing only until 25kg but it was £300 shock

unfortunately I think all the 25kg seats are £200 + but I know über kids do payment plans if that helps.

Rache1983 Sun 25-Sep-16 21:41:58

That's what I suspected unfortunately sad can't really afford to spend £800 on 3 car seats! As you say, we can't be the only ones but there is just nothing out there!

Abzs Sun 25-Sep-16 21:42:55

Britax Max-Way csn use 5point belts to 25kg.

Our car is older than britax have tested though, so mothercare wouldn't sell us one. Otherwise perfect.

FruitCider Sun 25-Sep-16 21:47:18

Unless you have 3 2 year olds that weigh 18+kg not sure why you would need to buy 3 seats?

What car do you have, what age/weights are the other 2 children?

Rache1983 Sun 25-Sep-16 21:54:41

We need a seat for my car, my husbands car and my mums! Quite often we are doing drop offs and pick ups in different cars and then my mum has him all day. I'm also pregnant so don't really want to be lifting a heavy seat in and out of my car all the time

AliceMum09 Sun 25-Sep-16 23:02:14

For forward facing to 25kgs in a 5-point harness you have 4 options:

Britax Two Way Elite

Britax Advansafix II

Diono Radian 5

Cozy n Safe Excalibur

I think the Two Way Elite is the cheapest, and easiest to fit. The Advansafix requires isofix and a top tether point, the Radian 5 is fitted with the seatbelt but also needs a top tether once the child gets past a certain weight. I don't know much about the Excalibur!

captaincake Tue 27-Sep-16 20:20:11

The cosy and safe excalibur is currently on offer in toys r us for £150 here I don't know any way you can do a harness to 25kg seat any cheaper than that.

Tiggywunkle Tue 11-Oct-16 11:43:37

I know this is a week or so old now, but I have had or tried most of the car seats with a harness up to 25kg. I didn't have the Two Way Elite.

I had the Britax Traveller Plus which was awful. Very old fashioned. The straps twisted non stop - they used to take 5-10 mins to untangle before each journey which made by back hurt. Anyone who doesn't do this was effectively not correctly strapping in their child.

I tried a Britax Advansafix which has the most misleading adverts ever! My tiny child aged 3 was on the top height setting for 5 point harness use - he was only 15kg. My 5 year old couldn't get in at all.

There is also a BeSafe ERF seat which has a high weight capacity, but we had the same issue with height with that too.

I like the Diono Radian 5 BUT it weighs an absolute ton; needs a degree to set up; isn't as portable as it promotes (!); and the head support isn't that good if the child falls asleep. We suffered badly with head loll and I had to get another seat.

I have an Apramo One which works brilliantly although I struggle a bit with the recline because when I fit it, the recline is less than when outside the car. I find it difficult to fit too, with too much slack that I am constantly trying to resolve. It takes 2 of us to do the clips up at the rear of the seat. It is a big seat and my 21kg 6 year old is happy with it. It is currently in use.

I also have a Cozy n Safe Excalibur which is excellent for the price. Lovely fabrics, big seat, the best harness height of the latter three seats. It was easier to fit than any of the others. I think you would be pleasantly surprised if you got one. I definitely was! My eldest says it is the most comfortable of the last 3 seats. All these last three require a top tether.

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