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HELP! The search for a car seat to fir Honda jazz

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Fables77 Fri 02-Sep-16 16:35:55


I'm in desperate need of help! I have trawled the internet and advice pages and car seat fitting guides. However I am still at a loss of which one would be the most suitable. I was looking at rearfacing and isofix, my lb is 6 months almost, but he is the length of an average 9 month old! We currently have a Joie Juva, which is dreadful he's almost grown out of it already and it just doesn't seem secure. We have a honda jazz (2004) so with it being an older car it's difficult to find advice. It does have isofix points but i've read that these can be difficult to use and in some cases impossible with certain carseats. I unfortunately do not have a local car fitting service in the area. Any help will be gratefully received!!!

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scissy Sat 03-Sep-16 22:05:01

We have a Britax Dualfix in our Jazz, although it's a newer model than yours (2011) but i don't think the inside changed that much between the two? You can check the britax fitting manual to see if it's compatible with the older Jazz. It fits fine, although I'm quite small so don't have the passenger seat fully back. It's also quite expensive, but is rearfacing until 4 (and can be used as a stage 0 seat too).

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