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Cosatto Zoomi Group 1-2-3 in Citroen C1

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Packergator Thu 25-Aug-16 12:08:52


We're eyeing up the Cosatto Zoomi 1-2-3 seat online from Boots at the moment; we need to buy 2 seats (one for each car for nursery pick up/drop offs, etc) so this is a good option for us as they're on offer at the moment plus I have a £25 off voucher! Cosatto's own website seems completely useless when it comes to advice on specific car fitting and I'd rather not trawl all the way over to Mothercare/ToysRUs then hang around for an hour or so just to see if it'll fit...

Does anyone know anecdotally whether this seat will fit into a 2016 plate (HV reg) Citroen C1 without buckle crunch or the usual cited issues? Otherwise, off to Mothercare I go!

Thanks in advance! : )

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