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Australian car seat recommendations

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DeloresDeSyn Tue 23-Aug-16 14:55:10

We are moving to Australia next month.

Youngest DS is 2, and always gets his arms out of the straps, so here we have a seat with an impact shield. It's great and he seems to love it, whereas he was always unhappy in the harness one.

I can't seem to find them for sale in Australia (but I'm probably not looking in the right places), does anyone know if they have them out there? They have to be Australian ones as they all have a top tether and more stringent testing I think.

If they don't do them, does anyone know if there is anything to prevent my escape artist getting his arms out? Or a different alternative to the five point harness?

DH starts work almost as soon as we get there so I wanted to buy and have it delivered and waiting for us, or at least have a good idea of which one so I can get it quickly once we arrive.

I will post in long haul for this bit too, but just in case- did you take your car seat on the plane? Again, I'm not sure ours could be used as it uses the normal seat belt to secure across the front. DS is only just two, so I'm not sure quite what to do.

Many thanks!

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